One of the GReatest Gifts you can give, Is your time


It takes over 100 volunteers to make this evening truly A Night To Remember We have several volunteer team categories; Care Team, Decor Team, Style Team, and two pre-prom team the Dress Shop and Tux Party!

  • Care Team

    The care team consists of volunteers who make everyone feel welcome, They guide our Honored Guest and their hots to where they are going, and keeps everyone safe the night of the event. Within the care team is 2 sub-teams. First Impressions include greeting people, showing guests and parents where they need to go, and safely checking guests in and out of the prom. The Safety Team is in charge of keeping everyone safe during the event. If you are a first responder, special needs teacher, or have experience in this area, this is the team for you! 


    The style team will be helping to create the best prom ever by giving honored guests the V.I.P Treatment. There are several sub-teams to make this day and evening truly A Night To Remember. Starting with the Hair and Makeup Team organizing licensed cosmetologists who want to help the girls feel beautiful. Flower Team is there to help with corsages and boutonniere for our honored guests. Red Carpet Team sets up and tears down the red carpet and tent the day of the prom. The red carpet team also helps find and gather community members as "the paparazzi" to cheer on our honored guests as they make their way down the Red Carpet. The transportation Team helps honored guests get to the red carpet from pre-prom festivities. This would include helping guests in and out of vehicles, announcing guests, and communicating arrivals. Photography Team is a team made up of professional photographers/videographers who will be capturing the day in photos.

  • Decor Team 

    The decor team sets the theme for the evening! These volunteers are in charge of making each location of the prom look beautiful, magical, and of course fun! This team will be, orders all decor, organizes, sets up, and tears down the decor for the prom.

  • Food Team

    The food team will be taking care of all the food and treats for parents and students on prom day! Student Meal will be held at Westbridge Church. Parent Meal will be at a separate location TBD.

  • Dress SHop

    The dress shop is a pre-prom event where volunteers help our honored guests say "YES", to their Dress!

  • Tux Shop

    The Tux Party is a pre-prom event. Our volunteers will be helping our honored guests shop for their tux at the Tux Party event, and arranging for other special gifts (socks, cufflinks, and other swag)