One of the GReatest Gifts you can give, Is your time


It takes over 100 volunteers to make this evening truly A Night To Remember We have several volunteer team categories; Welcome Team, Care/Safety Team, Decor/Red Carpet Team and Style Team. 


    The Style Team will consist of licensed cosmetologist who give  honored guests the V.I.P  Celebrity Treatment with hair and makeup.

  • Welcome TEam

    The Welcome Team will greet our honored guests,  and their hosts.  Check them in/Out for the day/evening events. Help direct  our honored guest and their host to style team, red carpet lineup, dinner, etc. 

  • Care/Safety Team

    The care/safety team consists of volunteers who will provide safety and security for the day/evening events. 

  • Decor and Red Carpet Team 

    The decor team sets the theme for the evening! sets up, and tears down the decor for the prom.

    The Red Carpet Team prepares the red carpet for our Honored Guest paparazzi moment.