volunteer for a night to remember

A Night to Remember Prom is made possible by the combined efforts of hundreds of volunteers. 

Thank you for your support!

Click on the team photo to register.

  • Attire Team

    Be on a team that ensures each honored guests of ANTR is dressed like a star. Also, you will help create our Dress Party or Tux Party events!

  • Decor team

    This team is in charge of decorating all ANTR environments. 

  • Demolition team

    What goes up must come down. All good things come to an end and unfortunately so does ANTR. We need many volunteers to tear down all of ANTR environments.

  • entertainment team

    Bring the fun to ANTR! Anything from music, to activities, dances, or a photo booth. 

  • first impressions team

    On this team you are the 'first impression' of ANTR. Hospitality is at this team's core.

  • flowers team

    Be on a team that provides corsages and boutonnieres for each honored guest and student host for ANTR.

  • food and beverage team

    Be on a team that provides food and beverages for all ANTR Prom honored guests, student hosts and parents.

  • Hair and Makeup team

    Are you a licensed cosmetologist or do you enjoy doing makeup? Be on a team that makes our guests feel pampered. Each guest at ANTR gets their hair and makeup done professionally!

  • paparazzi team

    Be on a team that captures moments and memories from ANTR Prom 2019.

  • red carpet team

    Be on a team that creates an amazing red carpet experience for our honored guest of ANTR Prom   

  • safety team

    Safety is important to ANTR so we have a team that works to ensure it is a safe event for everyone in attendance.

  • Student Hosts

    If you are 15-22 years old then this is the team for you. As a host you are paired with an honored guest to accompany throughout all the prom experiences. Our prom will be more fun then yours, we promise!

    *** Host Registration Will Open Soon ***

  • transportation team

    This team organizes and facilitates event transportation for all ANTR prom 2019 honored guests and student hosts.