What is available for Honored Guests?

A tuxedo or prom dress with accessories to match , a student who serves as their host for the event , hair styling and make-up by professional cosmetologists , a corsage or boutonniere, a stylish ride, a walk down the red carpet (complete with paparazzi and cheering fans!) , a night of dinner, dancing and activities ,a gift bag , a prom photo and  special memories that will last a lifetime.

Is there a cost for the event? 

No. Because of the generosity of many businesses, groups and individuals, the prom is FREE OF CHARGE to our honored guests. 

How will Honored Guests get a dress or tux? 

We want our guests to feel like the super stars that they are! We are happy to announce that we are partnering with Project Prom this year! Project Prom is inviting our female guests into their shop to find their perfect dress! After our guests find their dress we will take care of having it altered to fit her perfectly and dry cleaned prior to the event. We will also be holding a tux fitting party for the guys. It is recommended that you attend the scheduled attire dates to ensure that your dress or tux is ready for the big day. (RSVP for both the Dress Party and Tux Party upon registration.)

Should honored guests arrive in their dress/tux on the night of the event?

Yes, please come already dressed for the occasion. We will take care of hair and make-up.

Are shoes provided? 

No. For safety and sanitary purposes, we request that you wear your own shoes. If this inhibits you from being able to attend, please contact us. 

Do I need to find a date? 

No dates please. This is a fun-filled night where each Honored Guest will be partnered with a student who will act as their Host for the night. We will partner everyone onsite as you check-in. Our Student Hosts look forward to being a friend to our Honored Guests and treating them like a star for the night!

Can parents, families and/or para professionals attend ANTR? 

We welcome family, friends, and para-professionals to be a part of the evening by joining our “paparazzi” to cheer on our guests as they make their way down the red carpet. We do, however, want to allow the students to engage with their peers during the prom. Family members are welcome to observe from our Family Experience Area (includes food, beverages, activities and the best seat in the house to watch the prom) but we ask that we leave the event for the Honored Guests and Student Hosts. If a guest requires constant monitoring, exceptions will be made. We want the experience to be fun and safe for everyone. Each honored guests is able to have two parents/caregivers attend the dance portion of the prom. We decided to have this limit to maintain the safety of our guests and to better plan for our Family Experience Area.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions that you may have, CLICK HERE, to send us an email.