ANTR Dress Information

Registered Honor Guest

We are so thrilled to be able to bring back a live ANTR Prom this May.

As we are all aware, the last few years have looked a little different for many people, including our previous prom partners. So things this year may look a little different than previous proms. 

To continue to help make prom dreams come true, we have partnered with two vendors, Arc’s Value Village (approx. 600 dresses) and Cinderella’s Closet (with over 1,500 dresses), to allow our Honored Guest to shop and pick out a dress that is perfect for them. Please print off this certificate to take with you to the location of your choice.    Dress Certificate

  • Arc’s Value Village 

    New Hope

    2751 Winnetka Ave N

    Shop 10am-6pm


    10546 France Ave S
    Shop 10am-6pm

    6528 Penne Ave S.
    Shop 10am-6pm

  • Cinderella’s Closet

    Hope United Methodist Church
    3166 197th Street East

    Fairbault, MN 55021

    952-240-0269, ask for Heather



    Saturday March 12, 10am-2pm 

    Sunday March 13, 1pm-4pm

    Friday March 25, 6pm-9pm
    Saturday March 26, 10am-2pm
    Sunday March 27, 1pm-4pm

    Friday April 8, 6pm-9pm
    Saturday April 9, 10am-2pm

    Sunday Aril 10, 1pm-4pm