Honord Guest

Q and A

Can parents, families, and/or paraprofessionals attend ANTR? 

We welcome family, friends, and para-professionals to be a part of the evening. 2022 will look a bit differently. We invite parents/guardians/family member by joining our pre-prom festivities at Rockwoods.  Other family and community members are welcome to greet our honored guest and their host on the red carpet as the “paparazzi” to cheer on our guests as they make their way down the red carpet. We want to allow the students to engage with their peers during the prom. We ask that we leave the event for the Honored Guests and Student Hosts. If a guest requires constant monitoring, exceptions  can be made. For safety of our honored guest and all who attend. We will have an EMT/Nurse and PA on site. We want the experience to be fun and safe for everyone. 

Feel free to contact us with any other questions that you may haveCLICK HERE, to send us an email.

 How will Honored Guests get a dress or tux? 

With the continuation of covid and its variants along with the restrictions that has brought us we ask that you visit our separate pages on Tuxedos and Dresses.

Should honored guests arrive in their dress/tux on the night of the event?

Yes, please come already dressed for the occasion. We will take care of hair and makeup.

Are shoes provided? 

No. For safety and sanitary purposes, we request that you wear your own shoes. If this inhibits you from being able to attend, please contact us. 

Do I need to find a date? 

No dates, please. This is a fun-filled night where each Honored Guest will be partnered with a student who will act as their Host for the night. We will partner everyone onsite as you check-in. Our Student Hosts look forward to being a friend to our Honored Guests and treating them like a star!