A Night to Remember Prom (ANTR) is a nonprofit organization created to allow special needs teens and young adults an opportunity to experience prom in a safe and enjoyable way for them. ANTR prides itself on giving its very deserving Honored Guests an unforgettable experience they would not otherwise get to have.


ANTR held its inaugural event in 2017. Hosted by Westbridge Church of St. Michael. It was a huge success with more than 100 Honored Guests and their families in attendance. It was clear that ANTR was more than a one-time event. 2018 was spent forming committees of volunteers who wanted to be part of the ANTR planning process and mission. 2019 was another incredible event with an army of volunteers ensuring that each Honored Guest had A Night to Remember!


After a COVID-related hiatus, A Night to Remember Prom is returning under new leadership!  In May of 2021, it was determined that Westbridge would no longer be able to host ANTR. It was at this time, Samantha Pfeifer, a community member since 2007, member of Westbridge Church, and previous committee leader for ANTR, made the decision to take on ANTR Prom.


What does this mean for ANTR?  As of May 2021, ANTR is registered in Minnesota as a nonprofit organization.  Requiring a Board of Directors.


Samantha Pfeifer- President

Molly Grove - Vice President

Betsy Pieri - Secretary

Kelsie Grygelko – Treasure/Secretary

Tam Laingen - Board Member/Fundraising

Tim Demery – Board Member

Jake Carlson - Board Member

Donnetta Wallace – Board Member/Parent Representation

Stacia Lungstrom – Friend of the Board



A Night to Remember Prom is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, operated on limited resources with gifts and contributions from people who care about the mission of ANTR and its Honored Guests. 

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